The Tutor

The desperate attempt of a self-styled education expert determined to create a young genius. Shot over the course of 5 years starting at birth. Starring Joe Gibbons and my daughter Zoe. (2007 32 minutes)

Classics Exposed

The real story behind the classics Moby Dick and Metamorphosis starring Joe Gibbons. 1999 10 minutes

The Phony Trilogy

Joe Gibbons stars in a series about impostors. Pool Boy, Caddy and The Horror 1997. Total time 5 minutes.

Demo Reel

Animator/Director Demo Reel 1996. 4 mins. Includes edits from a Helmet music video, Comedy Central ID, ITVS Kids spots and other misc bits.


Originally 16mm film mixed with cell animation. 10 mins 1995. I heard they were kicking Robin out of the Batman strip and felt that I had to get involved...